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Build a Killer Web Design With These 3 Simple Do’s and Don’ts

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The top priority for any web designer is to make the website fruitful and enjoyable. Designing a custom website is an overwhelming experience for someone who has just started the job. For simplification here is a rundown of 3 Do’s and Don’ts of web designing.


The Do’s of web design

1. A consistent interface

A consistent interface is the top most requirement throughout the entire website i.e. its pages. The navigation, fonts, color scheme should definitely have a positive vibe which is only possible if the overall look feels the same throughout the entire website. This greatly impacts the usability of a good UX.


Tip: Make sure to first make the design consistent with a proper blueprint. Without a proper design first, it is difficult to maintain the consistency of the other parts.

2. Make content the king

The information on any website is manifested through the visual graphics and the content only as more than 90% of the information on any website is brought out by the content itself. As content is in written form, you can realize for yourself how important typography is for any web design. An excellent website does not only have an excellent design but also excellent content. It is upon the designer to make sure that the design complements the content.


Tip: Pick words that are readable and understandable by any audience and make sure that each line has some importance for your visitors.

3. Use scrolling as an engagement

Engage the users to scroll through any page as scrolling increases the chance for any user to stay longer on your page and invest more time. It inadvertently converts the viewers into customers wherein they sign up for newsletters or even buy products. Even though people might start scrolling right at the beginning, the content at the top is still very important because only if that is alluring enough, a visitor starts scrolling.


Tip: Appealing content at the top drives the visitors to look for more high-quality content by scrolling.

The Don’ts of Web design

1. Do not show the pop-ups too early

Pop-ups are usually for ads. Since by nature they are interruptive, the users close them even before reading the whole content in them. Pop-ups often appear as a request to subscribe something no sooner than you land on the page. This is probably the most annoying thing for anyone visiting a website.


Tip: The pop-ups should not be the first thing a visitor sees in your page. Time the pop-up. Present the value of your website before asking them to do something. Provide them the time to read the content first.

2. Don’t prioritize beauty over usability

No matter how attractive a website looks but if a user is not able to consume the content of the website, the entire website is useless. Make sure not to compromise with readability such as to use a light background with light colored font. It is rather preferable to keep the background subtle and make the typography prominent.


Tip: Use tools such as Color Contrast Checker to check the contrast ratios of different colors before you implement them in your website.

3. Do not play background music

Background music may work well with specific websites but for most of the websites it is a bad idea to implement music because unexpected music or sound can annoy the users especially when they are opening the website at an office. The videos or audios in the background should be incorporated only at appropriate places where they are expected.


Tip: If a video is at all necessary, mute them by default and allow the users to be in control of the volume.

With the vast sea of information and products available online, now the internet is the prior connection between the users and the creators. As the face to face interaction is not in the cards, the connection should be established through other ways. The best custom web designs provide the users with the best navigation and attractions for them to hover longer.

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